Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Starting a new project is difficult while on vacation

Day 3 2-21-10
I am grateful for good music to ease driving.

I am grateful for caffeine.

I am grateful for blue skies.

Day 4 2-22-10
I am grateful for phone cameras and messaging so I can stay in touch better with my mom.

I am grateful for remote ski areas with feet of snow.

I am grateful for being able to give Santo the opportunity to leap through said feet of snow.

Day 5 2-23-10
I am grateful for mechanics that run a diagnostic check free of charge since we've already spent $1000+ there.

I am grateful for the courage to try a restaurant even though it wasn't what I initially wanted to eat; the experience ended up being much better than I could have gotten at the chain restaurant.

I am grateful for the patience to watch professional pool players playing at their best just feet away from me.

I am grateful to the professional pool players for reigniting my passion to play pool.

I am grateful for canned dog food that my emaciated pup eats so he doesn't get any skinnier.

Thorsten Hohmann

Shane Van Boening

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 2

I am grateful for big puppy paws.

I am grateful for puppy bath wipes.

I am grateful for good friends who help me learn how to knit.

I am grateful for blue skies and getting to see the sun shining on snowcapped mountains.

I am grateful for cozy yarn shops open in small towns (Camas Creek Yarn in Kalispell, MT).

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Series

In the spirit of Lent, even though I am not Roman Catholic, I'm going to give up negativity and focus on the positive parts of my life and my interactions with others. So, in order for me to feel accountable to keep this up, I am putting my gratitude journal online, here, on my already created, but seldomly used blog.

I am grateful for forgiving friends that give guidance while remaining honest even though it may not be easy for them.

I am grateful for sweet puppy love (literally).

I am grateful for the soft and light feeling of my down comforter.

I am grateful for the delicious bakery genius of Wheat Montana's cream cheese cinnamon rolls.

I am grateful for DVR service so I can multitask with more efficiency.