Sunday, January 27, 2008

New "do"

I thought it would be fun to spice up the layout of my blog. I found this great website, Pyzam, from browsing another blog. I was overwhelmed by how many different layouts they had. I wanted to do a Valentine's Day theme without it being too corny, and this is what I found! I think it is beautiful, but I can't add sidebar links the same way that I could so nicely with blogger's layouts. They will have to do, though. I have several things that I want to post, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Nothing is more disappointing

... than a dirty bathroom. My critique of bathrooms started when I was in about the third grade and I hated using a certain bathroom at a well known big box store. I hated it because it was disgusting. It always smelled of cigarette smoke or a stuffy combination of fake flowers and cigarette smoke. It was never clean, and it was always dark and dingy. 

Nate and I had dinner at a well known chain restaurant. A typical plate at this place costs anywhere from $15 - $26. I used the restroom, and it made me completely disappointed with the place. The bathroom was poorly laid out, had strange smell, had a dark, dingy look, and dealing with the faucets was a nightmare! Nothing can ruin a first impression faster than a dirty bathroom. It is one thing if you're a busy nursing student with a part-time job and you only get around to cleaning the bathroom every other week. But a nationally known chain restaurant (and I'm not talking about a fast food restaurant- one expects their bathrooms to be disgusting) should have clean bathrooms. (Not to mention, if you follow a particular "theme", why would you not include it in your bathrooms). I guess what really makes me upset about this is that a dirty bathroom makes one wonder what else is dirty that the paying customer doesn't see in a restaurant. 

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wait for it!

This video is hilarious, you just have to wait until the end! When Kashmira was in Montana, she would get snow stuck in her paws so I bought her a similar pair of booties and she did the same exact walk! Very, very comical to me. (Probably not to Kashmira).

Friday, January 11, 2008

$200...not bad!

I purchased my school books and was surprised to see that I barely spent $200; a definite improvement from the $500 I paid last year! It is still hard to believe that I'm finally, FINALLY, a senior! Usually by four and a half years into college, most people are graduated with real jobs and real lives. Not this cool cat. I have less debt, so I'm fine with the time extension.

However, with this new 'seniority', I'm being forced into giving up this familiar life that I've actually grown accustomed to. School life is kind of convenient in an odd way: all of my loans stay in deferment, someone else picks my life's schedule, holidays and vacations are guaranteed off, and the end is always somewhere in the distance. That distance, however, is extremely illusive - until now. Job searches have been a way to day dream life as a real nurse. Deadlines for said 'real jobs' were always stress free because that wouldn't be me for another year or two. (I've been daydreaming for a while now!) But now I have to remember when hospitals are accepting applications for new grads. I have to decide on an internship that might give me an edge for a job. I have to decide where my life is going. 

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Blog turns 2

Upon waking, I experienced a revelation. Not only did I remember that my blog was now two, but I realized why I have failed in the past. I have been extremely negative, and about what I don't know (actually it was probably about everything). It makes me wonder where I'd be if I just lightened up more often. However, there's no sense in regretting my behavior because it will only continue to make me bitter and I'll miss out on what I have.

On that note, Nate and I went snowboarding twice so far this season. That is two times as much as we went last season!! The first time we went up to Snowbowl which is not very far from Missoula. This past time we went to Lookout Pass which is on the Idaho side of I-90. I couldn't believe how much snow they had! In one spot, the snow was up to my mid thigh! Thankfully I was blowing through it on my snowboard and not trying to hike in it! They were also very cheap and on Pacific Standard Time!! I was pretty bummed because I thought we got a late start and the roads were crappy, but when we got there we saw the Pacific Time sign and everything seemed better. We plan on making a trip to Schweitzer, but Nate has to get on that so I am able to take the time off.

Hopefully we'll be able to make a trip down to Big Sky at least once this season. I love the feeling that Big Sky gives me. I love riding their awesome snow, and it is so huge that you can explore a new trail every time you're there. To top it off, sitting in the Carabiner lounge drinking a Salmon Fly Honey Ale, spiced Apple Cider, or delicious hot chocolate completes the day and melts all of your sore muscles away.

Lately, Nate and I have been discussing living life in a ski town. It really sounds fantastic because we'll be able to keep doing the things that we love to do. However, ski towns usually don't have the good paying jobs, even for us 'professionals'! And we'll both have loans that need to be paid. I guess we'll just see where life takes us!