Friday, January 19, 2007

Many Celebrations

The country music show I was watching determined Dolly Parton's "I will always love you" as the number one greatest country love song of all time. I couldn't believe how big her boobs were compared to her tiny frame. She looked like she was going to topple over. I passed all of my nursing classes with A's. It would have been pretty hard in some of my classes to not get A's. I checked out my Pathophysiology test to see how bad I really did on it, and I didn't do bad at all. Amazing, absolutely amazing. I felt like I totally bombed that test and then I find I only got 8 questions wrong. Still, I know 8 wrong is a lot, but I was perfectly happy with that outcome than an alternative one. This semester I'm going to try to not stress myself out as much. I just have to keep remembering, B's get into grad school. And it seems that this year they don't only grade with whole step grades. I can get half steps. (A-, B+....) No A+, though.... what the heck, eh? That is one (maybe two) celebration(s).

Another celebration: my blog turned one!!! I've even kept at it...maybe not as diligently as I'd like, but I write when I can. I guess I can update my blog, but I don't have a google account, and I'm not sure if I'll lose stuff I've already posted. I might look into it.

Nate and I are planning on taking a huge road trip this summer. First to Vegas for a while for pool tournaments, tacos, and custard. Then on to San Diego for a little tour of the city and Univiersity of San Diego. Then, continuing up Highway 1, the most beautiful highway in the country (if I do say so myself), all the way up to Portland, while making appropriate stops along the way. And then back to Bozeman. (My stuff will mostly be in storage in Missoula.) Then I'll be off to Minnesota for a while to spend some time with my family mostly, and of course I'll squeeze in my friends. However, everyone will have to compete with Kashmira for my attention. I don't think I've ever posted a picture of her on here. (Because I don't have any on my computer.)

I am very excited to say that I have almost finished reading Smart Women Finish Rich, and I'm ready to open my very own retirement account. Woohoo!! I'll be up to at least two million by the time I retire. (That is, if Congress continues to allow $4000/ year contributions plus yearly $500 increases to Roth IRA's.)

I'm also getting to appreciate Missoula more in the short time that I've been here. I'm going to take a sushi 'cooking' class next week. (Another stress reliever.) I'm going to be able to swim more because the Griz pool is way more accessible than the one in Bozeman (especiallly with all of the construction). Half of the pool tables here got refelted, some with maroon felt. (Hopefully they don't ruin the look too bad by allowing off colored chalk). Their natural food store is way cheaper than the snooty Co-op in Bozeman. It is also the place that is have the sushi class! : ) Oh, and, they have a place that has $2 margaritas! Life is getting better.

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Your Man said...

I am glad you are getting to like Missoula. It usually takes a bit to warm up to a place. I guess it isn't that bad, at least i hope not. But we can also go play pool on 9ft tables even when school is closed....yeeehaaa. Well i miss u alot, goodnight, sleep tight.