Thursday, May 14, 2009

His side of the story

"I can't remember how long it had been."

"When I first saw her, the place was ours. Everyone else seemed to drift to the sidelines, muted. Her radiating smile, it was for only me. I embraced her small frame, intoxicated by her scent and feel. Oooh how I wanted more from her."

"She touched me softly, sweetly, sincerely. We were finally alone, it had been a long time since I've felt such affection. I couldn't resist. Then she said it."

"She said 'Now's not the time, please be patient, please wait for me'."

"How could she do such a thing? What a tramp."

"Did it really matter? I didn't know the full story. She's here. With me. Right now. That's what matters. She continued to show me innocent affection throughout the night. I've never felt such sweet, guiltless, touch."

"How I wanted more."

"And that's where we left it. I know she wanted to continue, I couldn't wait to see her again."

"In the days and weeks that followed, it was relieving to think about her less and less. With the change of seasons comes the winds of change for man. Regardless of my feelings for her, she wasn't ready for me. I had to move on."

"She yearns for me now. Now that she can't have me. Typical stupid girl."

"Maybe down the road, we'll meet again. She's too quiet, she won't let her feelings be known until it's too late again. It wouldn't really change anything now."

"Now, I'm gone."

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