Thursday, March 01, 2007

Do you ever have this feeling?

You know when you have that one class, one person, one thing in your life that makes you upset and stupider for letting it be a stressor in your life, and you dont' really know how to cope with it? How do you deal? I think why I am letting this class get to me is because it is A. boring B. seeminly pointless and C. necessary for me to pass with a C. I have NEVER done so crappy on a test that I actually studied for, and I'm worried that our next test is going to be identical. I think the professor feels left out in the 'teaching realm' because her class is the only class that doesn't get a lab with it. (She's said that the first test is 'hard' because people don't consider it important to study for because there isn't a lab.) Okay, to me that screams resentment in which is going to be taken out on the students. I can't just let it go. I need to be proactive instead of dwelling, but I can't yoga it out of my stress out zone. Every little thing about this class gets under my skin, and I really don't want it to because I have to take classes from this lady in the future, and I just want to have as minimal stress as I can. (Living here alone, being financially strapped, and worrying about getting into graduate school are as many stressors as I can handle.)

I guess it also bothers me that I did so well on different seemingly important and difficult class exam, and I felt like there were no curve balls, therefore why should this measly class be so damn tricky? The point of testing isn't to be 'tricky' the point is to evaluate the information that was taught and learned. Two streets here... not just what was retained. Maybe I just need to look into deeper stress relieving strategies... I'm going to swim and sit in the sauna again tomorrow. That should help. Any more suggestions?

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