Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Moment of enlightenment

Today I had a moment of enlightenment in every way I could ever imagine. I felt determined to be a different, better, health care provider. I don't care if what I do could ultimately be done faster (with more risk to the patient). What difference does it honestly make if I have to spend an extra two minutes to push a med that can cause irreverisible ototoxicity if given too fast? In the realm of health care, aren't I there to help others heal? I honestly care if the patient I am caring for gets better. He may have been a heavy drinker, life long smoker, bu he still is a person in need of better than 'adequate' care. He needs someone to pay attention to breaks in infection control. Yeah, it does suck if you have to spend the extra 15 seconds rewiping a clave because you accidently touched it and RT/PT is breathing down your neck to get the med in now, but that trust that pt has blindly given you means a lot. Granted they might not entirely trust you, but they must trust you enough if they aren't screaming at you to get out! I had to get this off my chest. I didn't want this feeling to go wasted and forgotten becuase of the more strenuous things I encounter.

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I really like your blog!