Friday, January 11, 2008

$200...not bad!

I purchased my school books and was surprised to see that I barely spent $200; a definite improvement from the $500 I paid last year! It is still hard to believe that I'm finally, FINALLY, a senior! Usually by four and a half years into college, most people are graduated with real jobs and real lives. Not this cool cat. I have less debt, so I'm fine with the time extension.

However, with this new 'seniority', I'm being forced into giving up this familiar life that I've actually grown accustomed to. School life is kind of convenient in an odd way: all of my loans stay in deferment, someone else picks my life's schedule, holidays and vacations are guaranteed off, and the end is always somewhere in the distance. That distance, however, is extremely illusive - until now. Job searches have been a way to day dream life as a real nurse. Deadlines for said 'real jobs' were always stress free because that wouldn't be me for another year or two. (I've been daydreaming for a while now!) But now I have to remember when hospitals are accepting applications for new grads. I have to decide on an internship that might give me an edge for a job. I have to decide where my life is going. 

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