Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Nothing is more disappointing

... than a dirty bathroom. My critique of bathrooms started when I was in about the third grade and I hated using a certain bathroom at a well known big box store. I hated it because it was disgusting. It always smelled of cigarette smoke or a stuffy combination of fake flowers and cigarette smoke. It was never clean, and it was always dark and dingy. 

Nate and I had dinner at a well known chain restaurant. A typical plate at this place costs anywhere from $15 - $26. I used the restroom, and it made me completely disappointed with the place. The bathroom was poorly laid out, had strange smell, had a dark, dingy look, and dealing with the faucets was a nightmare! Nothing can ruin a first impression faster than a dirty bathroom. It is one thing if you're a busy nursing student with a part-time job and you only get around to cleaning the bathroom every other week. But a nationally known chain restaurant (and I'm not talking about a fast food restaurant- one expects their bathrooms to be disgusting) should have clean bathrooms. (Not to mention, if you follow a particular "theme", why would you not include it in your bathrooms). I guess what really makes me upset about this is that a dirty bathroom makes one wonder what else is dirty that the paying customer doesn't see in a restaurant. 

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