Saturday, November 08, 2008

I can't do it!

I've decided for this one and only semester, I'm going to be fine with getting a C, whether it be on a paper, test, or crazy 20+ page project that needs to be started. I tried to not frantically study for my last test, and it went pretty well. I only studied for about three hours (on and mostly off) and managed to pull a high B/ low A away from it. I was completely satisfied with both the effort I put in and the grade I got out. (As I would have been with a low B/ high C.)

However, I'm finding that I cannot slack off on my papers!!!! Trust me, it is not because I want the good grade; it is because I'm passionate about the topics I am writing about. My latest paper was about universal health care. I think I have more than 6 references! WTF! I only needed one more reference other than the book I read for the stinking paper! Granted, one is a dictionary, one is a website, and three are different chapters in my edited book (all requiring separate entries according to APA guidelines). I wanted to support my ideas, but I don't think I needed to with this much annoying detail. Even though I am passionate about the subject, I go into this manic like phase when I write and I impulsively look for facts and figures and expert opinions to validate my opinions. It must be the journalist in me still hanging on from 6 years ago. Old habits do die hard...

Some randomness for you, oh reader, after the four and half hours I spent being a manic paper writer, I left this trusty cafe with the comfy seats and friendly baristas for the mall to get some real food. Even though I'm usually disgusted by early Christmas crap, I found myself happily engaging in the uplifting atmosphere. I ignored the looming cloud of schoolwork hanging above my head and imagined what it might be like to be those people having fun shopping for early Christmas gifts. Little kids squeal in delight, young teenage girls giggle about passing boys, a couple stare longly into each other's eyes, everyone looks like they don't have to do homework... EVER. I can honestly say that for a couple minutes I was able to completely forget what it was like to be buried under this suffocating heap of 'busy'work.

Ah.... such bliss.

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