Friday, December 12, 2008

Bits of self reflection

If I have learned anything this semester, it is how to be extremely vague and wordy without getting a point across. In filling out evaluations, I found that I can talk around things without really saying much or making many points. Maybe this is just a result of too many assignments and senioritis... (should invent a med for that). My last doosey of a paper - 40 pages of text written with a partner thank goodness - was essentially loops of words. When you get to a certain length and level, as long as you throw in enough big buzz words, they just think you know what you're talking about, when really you're just trying to find enough text to fill up so many pages so they really don't want to read it.

Reading through my stuff to find a perfect example has left me empty handed. However, I did not venture into said 40pg paper. Maybe at the time when I'm writing it, it doesn't seem to make sense when in actuality it does and I've just sat here for too long reading and trying to find the perfect words to describe how I've met Course Objectives #1-9.

In other news, I've started an extensive "for fun" reading list that I can't wait to conquer!!! First up, Marley and Me. I've read the first four chapters at Hastings as a stress reliever, comical break, bad procrastinaiton habit. Think I'll finally give in and buy the book as a present to myself on Tuesday, December 16.

*4 days, 15 hours, 40 minutes

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Mandi said...

Wooo! We're almost there! :)