Saturday, January 10, 2009

Late but relevant post

(I wrote this on December 20, and yes, am posting it now.)

Fresh from my pinning ceremony, I am experiencing so many different and overwhelming feelings. This may be the result of 5 ½ years worth of stress finally releasing from my body or the “single” shot of celebratory-tequila Heather poured for me. For the first time, I am saddened by the sudden loss of my 23 classmates. Even though I had no family at my pinning ceremony, I still felt surrounded by people that I have grown to love as if they were family. It feels so surreal, as if nothing has really changed, and we’ll all see each other again on Monday or after break. But, tonight was probably the last time that I’ll see many of my classmates.

At these things, it is always said, “Stay in touch,” “We’ll get together,” “See you around,”….but, the likelihood of these events ever happening is very slim. It is more of a nice way of saying, "You are a good person, but I'll probably find any excuse in the book because I'm afraid of connecting up with you because I don't know what we'll talk about." I'm still every bit of a skeptic even after finishing school. Maybe this is just my own altered reality. I know I'm the one that is scared, maybe it is a bit of social anxiety, who knows.

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