Thursday, August 18, 2011

First two weeks = epic fail

Here's a run down of my proposed goals:

1. Eliminating junk out of the storage unit
I have the box of junk I want to go through with me at Eric's house, but I'm not sure why I didn't go through it. Maybe I need to clean my current space and stuff so I have somewhere to sort through the box. ??? Just waiting for the room available to put my new desk together to have a dumping ground.

2. I am going to commit to going to the gym at least three times a week for 1 hour, minimize my alcohol/naughty food consumption, and lose 10 pounds.
While on vacation, I ate ice cream every day. However, I did take every chance I had at hiking to get in a good hour long hike. I did opt for salads and smaller portion sizes on a couple of occassions. Alcohol consumption has been minimal (except for a long layover in SLC - the gal didn't give me a strange look when I asked if I could just buy the wine by the bottle).

3. Saving money
I am proud to say that I developed a very detailed strategy for saving money and paying down debt. I will give myself a much stricter allowance when I get paid, keep better track of my expenses instead of spending freely.

Again, an epic fail of my time management. While I was in IL I had planned on doing at least 2 hours a day on ECCO, instead, I researched used cars - A LOT.

5. Creativity
I did purchase a sewing book and previewed it before giving it to a very good friend and I was very excited by what I found inside! My said very good friend in turn gave me a pattern for a Marilyn Monroe inspired apron. It's definitely too cute!

6. Dancing
Eric and I went dancing last week. I still have the rest of the month to look into opening the DVD's.

7. Landri
I did take the dogs to the river today and Landri was actually pretty well behaved.

8. Fixing the bicycle
What did I do on Wednesday.... I think I slept in and missed the class, however, there will be another one.

Overall, I'm quite disappointed by my lack of ambition, but it seems like whenever I try to do something there are 10 different obstacles in my way that I need to take care of first. Since I'm always in a time crunch, this usually prohibits me from doing what I planned on in the first place.... it's a no win situation... maybe though, if I take care of the obstacles once, I'll either get better at that or they'll slowly not be obstacles anymore - they will cease to exist. Till next time, I'm grateful for: friends willing to pick me up, patience in dealing with other people, fans, and celery.

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Susan from Food Blogga said...

Hi Ashlee! Guess what? You won the copy of Big Vegan on my blog! And guess what else? Missoula, MT is one of my favorite places on the planet! Seriously. My husband and I are smitten. We love the hikes, the university, the beers, the people, the bookstores, just everything! So it makes me extra happy that you won.
Please send me your name and mailing address so we can send you the book.