Friday, August 05, 2011

uufta - It's been a long time.

Let me start by typing - it's been a while. Looks like my last post was Oct. 2010, at least I haven't let an entire year pass without writing. I'm blaming FB - it is so much easier to type in a short status on what I'm thinking than write an entire blog post. However, dear FB, you've caused millions of nice, sincere people to become -in short- fake. On the other hand, according to Spark People a good step to succeeding in your goals (particularly weight loss) is to go public with them. Which many FB users have done, and it's been inspiring whether it be building up to a person's first 5K or accomplishing the goal of running 1500 miles in a year!

In the past several months, I've realized there are probably hundreds of things I want and need to do. I'm truly eager to get started on all of my projects and see them through. So the first step I'm taking to accomplish my goals are to make them public. I'm relying on whoever out there is listening to hold me accountable. It's also fine if you don't since this is really for me and it's so much easier to type than write this crap down in a paper journal. Without further ado, here are this year's nominees for "Best goals to get accomplished" for the remainder of 2011 and on:

1. I am going to go through a box every other week from my storage unit and ultimately eliminate half of the stuff I own.

2. I am going to commit to going to the gym at least three times a week for 1 hour, minimize my alcohol/naughty food consumption, and lose 10 pounds.

3. I am going to evaluate purchases more intensely so I can ultimately save more money and not hinder the progress of goal #1. (At least I bought those Steve Madden Haylow heels before this goal - but I did wait two months to buy them and the price was reduced by 60%!)

4. Upon completion of the Essentials of Critical Care Orientation modules on HealthStream in October, I will study to take the CCRN in February. In doing this, this will ultimately help me save more money and the additional money I'll make from this certification will be directly deposited from my paychecks into a savings account at St.Pat's Credit Union.

5. I also resolve to dedicate more time to being creative and I am going to finish that handmade necklace I've been working on for the last 2 years. I am going to finish one project a month whether it be a tote bag or a set of earrings.

6. I am going to learn at least one dance move a month from a DVD set we bought in May that are still wrapped in shrink-wrap.

7. I will try to be more patient with Bad-Dog Landri as long as Eric takes her to dog classes.

8. Finally, I resolve to fix-up an old bike I've had in my possession for the last year. I would like to take it to Free Cycle at least once a month for at least an hour until it is finally rideable.

Spark People also recommends you make steps to achieve your goals so I am also going to publish a month's schedule on how I'm going to accomplish said goals. I am also going to post my progress on here at least once a week. So, here's some progress I've already made: even though I'll have to start paying rent, I will now have a space - to call my own - for a desk and what-have you.

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