Wednesday, May 03, 2006

How much is too much?

This question seems to be the most difficult for Americans in a wide variety of applications. But what about schooling? I came down from my University of San Diego inspired cloud nine to check out the tuition/fees. Tuition alone is 1000 per credit. PER CREDIT! With a required 42 credits that um equals...... about 42,000! Just for tuition. But, I still want to go there. I really want a change of climate. I'm kind of getting sick of the cold. I've been in it for a mere 20 years. But is Forty-Two Thousand Dollars too much to pay for schooling? I figure I'll have around that much just from school here at MSU. But, once I'm done with school with a Master Practioner's License, I hope that I could afford that. And, in relation to some other schools that I am considering, it is pretty comprable. For instance, Hawai'i is 520/credit, but the cost of living would most likely make up for the difference. I don't want to go to Oregon, and Flagstaff, AZ doesn't have the program that I want to take, neither does San Diego State University.

So, how much is too much for a dream?

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