Sunday, April 30, 2006

There I was...

...answering a question on Yahoo! Answers about the best date I had that was outdoors. And now I don't want to forget it, I don't think I ever would, but still. It was a beautiful summer day and I rode with a friend on their motorcycle to Lake Superior. (As a side note I used to ride with him quite a bit, sometimes late at night, and I would fall asleep. No joke. Scares the crap out of me now to think that I did that.) Anyways, we went somewhere next to Grand Marais and climbed up a cliff on the side of the road overlooking the lake. There was a rest stop next to the road, but it was in such a bad location that you can't really see anything besides a small beach. From the top of the cliff the view was amazing. You could probably see the Apostle Islands on a super clear day with good vision from up there.

That night was also amazing. We found an abandoned shack on Lake Superior and set up camp. I ended up going out and sitting on the lake for a long time getting mentally caught up in the waves and stars. It was weird, if you stared at the waves long enough it seemed to look like you were moving on the rocks into the waves and not the waves into the rocks. (I promise I was not on drugs.) The stars were also amazing, there were so many and it was so clear. Even though the moon was out, you could still see pretty well. I have a lot of good memories of the North Shore, Duluth, concerts in Somerset, getting stuck there and not caring, and of course concerts in the Twin Cities. Man compared to my life back then, it is boring now. And who's fault is that? Montana's. Nah, I'm just down and out right now, but I don't do anything like I used to. Heck I hardly ever even go out and drink. Most likely because I don't have a lot of extra cash, and drinking isn't that fun anyways, you feel like crap afterwards, not to mention all of the legalities that are associated with it. Maybe I just need to find a good outdoor concert and go.

I guess when Tony was out here we roamed around little. We would find random trails that go up into the woods and we would take a ton of road trips. I think I'll write about my trip to Somerset with Emily and Wes that ended up really funky next. I have to do some homework, though.

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