Wednesday, July 09, 2008

In the musical dark

My iPod was acting up, so I showed it who was boss and reformatted the darn thing. (While losing music I did not have on my computer :( .) When I was playing around and trying to see if there was any way that I could save some of my songs, I stumbled on to the artwork buttons and realized it was much easier to add artwork than I had thought. I originally thought one had to buy the artwork (you probably do, and I'm doing this illegally, but that's really enough said).

Anyways, when I was going through all of my music (all 2 GB of music alone, not including podcasts) I realized a couple of things. The first thing that I realized is how out of touch I am with the current music scene. Not only with new bands, but with bands I have grown to love, but over time have just forgotten about. Take my love, Mason Jennings, for instance -- the last album I bought of his was Century Spring back in 2002 or 2003. Since then, he has released 3 more albums that I know nothing about - except sadly for their existence. :'( I don't even want to talk about the many shows I've missed of since I began living in the middle of a musically challenged black hole ** please note disclaimer**. (Tool cancelled their show here in December, and a couple of years ago, Ani DiFranco also cancelled in Bozeman, but is thankfully coming back this year to both Missoula and Bozeman.)

Aside from learning that many bands I love have new albums out, a couple of bands announced a hiatus beginning this year! WTF! (I guess it does give me some time to catch up on the albums I don't know.) Both Incubus and RHCP announced this spring that they were taking at least a year each to catch up on their lives. ...Come on! Don't they know how to multi-task? I am selfishly joking. Taking breaks from each other is a great thing- as long as they get back together down the line when I'm ready and can actually afford to take day trips to BFE to see their shows.

Since it is one o'clock in the morning, I suppose I'll get back to my "tasks". I leave on Thursday morning for Vegas.

** There are many musically gifted people already here in Missoula, and for that I am thankful for, I just miss *my* bands.

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