Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Leavened or Unleavened

If I were a bread, I would like to imagine that my life would equate to a fresh bread made at the local bakery (Le Petit Outre). Free of preservatives and artificial colorings and flavorings. A simple yet complex blend of few ingredients that form together and the outcome is literally dependent on the weather. Somedays I'm tough and hard to swallow, other times, most enjoyable in moderation with a little bit of butter, and in some cases the sole perfect accompaniment to a warm, hearty bowl of soup.

Why in the world would a normally sane girl be comparing herself to a loaf of bread? Well, because I'm incredibly worried that my life is going to turn stale if I don't do something about it. I have been living in the freezer, known as Montana, for a while and haven't realized that life outside of the freezer is new and challenging, but what challenges do I want to take? Which ones do I want to avoid? Am I just making a huge mess of nothing? I want to go out and discover new places and breads, but at what cost? Will I be leavened and rise to the occasion and search out new experiences, or will I be unleavened, humble, and enjoy what I have for the fact that I'm familiar with my situation... does that breed contempt, or contentment?

Any and all suggestions are welcomed with open ears.

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