Monday, February 06, 2006

Jackson Hole 1/20-22/06

First let me start by saying they had a ton of snow. I have never seen snowbanks that high. Even last year when I went to Heavenly after 19 feet of snow dumped on them, the banks weren't this high. If your car spun out of control, it would be okay because the snow banks would act as bumpers and keep you safe (relatively).

Riding in J.H. was a lot different from the usual Big Sky scene because the snow was so different. The snow at Big Sky is notorious for being called "champagne powder" because it is so light and fluffy. Jackson's snow is heavy, but in the morning it was definitely well worth it! As the day progressed and the runs got tracked out, it got a little trickier trying to get down the mountain. (I guess I have a disadvantage learning how to ride in a state that has a max vert of 500 and the only snow it ever sees is the stuff with bacteria mixed in that comes out of some strange looking fans.) That is fine because I am learning better techniques now. I will admit it is very frustrating at times because I've already worked hard at learning how five years ago! I know it will be in my best interest once I finally am able to conquer deep tracked out powder fields.

Okay, I've strayed away from my weekend. I had a blast. I brought my homework with even though I think I looked at it once (maybe twice). We got pretty drunk on Friday night (I had some awesome Margaritas at a laid back nonsmoking bar with live acoustic music), rode Jackson Hole Saturday, ate some excellent fajitas, drank a little, and passed out. Sunday we watched the bronco/steelers game... yea : P And drove home. We were going to ride some backcountry on Sunday, but it was cold and we were slackers. (There is plenty of accessible backcountry in Montana. Although, it is a little scary because of avalanches and I don't have a beacon or transceiver.) Growing up in Minnesota I really didn't think that avalanches could happen in the lower 48. In my mind they had they same existance level as the Loch Ness Monster and earthquakes in south western Montana. Even though they can be a freak occurence, they are common. (Both earthquakes and avalanches, I'm not to sure about Nessie any more.)

Before riding at Jackson, I bought a new board, an 155 Atlantis Lily. I love this board. What was I thinking riding on a 151?!

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