Saturday, April 29, 2006

School, isn't the point to want to get out?

I have recently been intrigued by a profession that lies not too far from my current track of study. Problem is I want to do both. I know I have the time and drive to do both, but who continually wants to stay in school? When I visualize my future all I see are textbooks, libraries, cheap capaccinos from the corner mini-mart (now the Loaf-n-Jug), financial debt, and always learning something. But I'm okay with this! As odd as I may be, right now I'm not burned from school, and I like it. I like learning new things, and I love when I can take those things I've learned and apply them to the 'real' world.

Even though my courses right now don't really seem to be that appicable, they kind of are. My least applicable, Lifespan of Human Development, doesn't count because I've already learned similar but better applicable lesson in the other class I took like it. Even philosophy I can apply it to when I'm being extremely lazy and watching TV. I can find the trends we studied and the consequences they have. Yeah, one could do this without spending $400+ for a class, but would you really be able to argue it?

Where was I going?

I just like to learn things and it makes me feel like I am on the cutting edge. It makes me feel like nothing can get in my way without me knowing what it is I'm dealing with and how to deal with it. Yeah, sure, somethings don't always turn out for the best but at least I'll have known that I had the knowledge and did everything that I could have. What's wrong with that? On the news today was a story about a guy who has been going to school for 12 years for a bachelor's degree. I don't see what's wrong in going to school that long for two master's or a master's and a doctorate.

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