Saturday, April 21, 2007

My memory kicked in

I wanted to write about somethings I didn't think it was possible ever to be good at or things I never thought I could feel. One, I am on my way to becoming a professional at stuffing a salad box from the UC on UM's campus. Unlike Bozeman, they don't charge per the ounce of salad, instead, they charge a flat fee of $4.50 for a large container. I have learned that you need to put alternating layers of salad foods and dressing in so you can ensure an even distribution. And, it doesn't say any where that your box has to be able to close, so heap on oh heapers. I haven't reached the Egyptian pyramid level of heaping yet, but I'm definitely on my way!

This town makes me feel guilty for driving. As I should be, too. I could ride my bike if I liked to risk life and limb whenever I hop on my bike. And, if I wasn't so much of a wimp... (it is too cold out; I have a lot of places to go; it is too far; I don't have enough time; and so on). However, I don't drive to class because I would have to park just as far away as I would have to walk.

Okay, so maybe that's all I can think of for now. I have been on a beeding kick lately, and I'm going to make a necklace for my mommy for mother's day. I think it is going to be a little too "chunky" for her, though. I found a beautiful cut agate stone that is about 1"x1.5", and I wanted to incorporate some dangling chains with small beads on it, and put it on a double or triple seed bead strands. I also made a wirey necklace for myself. I think it is pretty, but is it really that practical? Am I going to wear it? I always feel awkward in jewelry if it isn't discrete, but personally I think the stuff is beautiful especially when it is big. I'm going to include a note to my mom that if it is too big for her, we can work on it and she shouldn't feel obligated to wear it. (You know how moms are though, she's going to say, "Oh it's beautiful, honey!" But she won't want to wear it. I guess that's where I get it from.) I'm also planning on making a light loopy necklace with crystals. Hopefully I can work up the courage to wear that one.

p.s. I can't find any pictures on the internet for a triple/double stranded necklace with a pendant that are like what i want to do. I need some ideas for stringing the stone onto the strands. I might just create a wrapped loop and go over all of the strands. I like the ones that connect the pendant with a stranded little loops, though. We'll see what happens, and I'm going to post pictures once I get my camera back from Nate, or I go to Bozeman.

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