Thursday, April 05, 2007


I rescued my ipod from Nate sometime about a month ago. (It was sent to his house, and he was going to put some music on it for me.) Since then, I have been getting used to using it (sometimes I feel awkward walking with my headphones in, and I definitely don't use them when I ride my bike to is dangerous enough without them). However, I have already found over 4 GB of music and podcasts to keep me occupied. I am coming to the sad realization that I'm going to have to delete some of my tunes/podcasts to make room for more, however, some, I would like to get around to listening to again. My most favorite podcast is a show called "Brain Food." The producer hasn't released any new ones since the end of January, so I've been catching up on all of the past episodes. He usually has a couple topics he describes indepth, and then he gives you some fast facts, and then gives some information regarding scientific new articles. I love these tidbits of information! There is one article that I think I'm going to write out, because it had a lot of good information about how to keep your body healthy.

Another fun one to exercise to is DJ Nando. I just found Podrunner today, and am going to test drive it tomorrow. I have also downloaded a couple spanish courses that I plan on getting around of these days. I found Dwell and AIA for Nate to listen to. I titled this post "Waiting" because I'm waiting for some more podcasts to download on this slow (but free!) internet connection. Some of the other podcasts I've found include a lot of medically related ones. I've aslo found a very informational Photoshop tutorial that I can only watch on my computer becaus my ipod doesn't play videos.

One thing I keep wanting to post, but am forgetting.... who in the world decided to make the shower curtains in the gym just barely big enough to cover the door, but then they roll up on themselves, leaving you exposed anyways? Come on, if there was an extra inch on both sides, it would be enough to paste it down to the side of the shower wall.... just wondering here... I guess it is nice that the shower stalls are separated in the first place. Even though the sauna is like a communal orgy gathering place.

Finished downloading or not I have to leave.

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