Saturday, January 28, 2006

syriana experience

The movie Syriana has been out for a couple weeks now, and I kept pushing back the day that I would see it. I had read critiques from environmentalists about it, and they enjoyed the movie and were proud of the messages that it tried to convey. I don't really consider reviews when I'm interested in watching movies. Actually, I had even forgotten about what those critics said. Anyways, I'm straying from what I want to say.

That movie was the most touching and emotionally strong movie I have seen. Before I had watched it, I had been thinking in general why does a person have to define what they like about something in order for their feelings to be valid? Couldn't people just enjoy something for the sake of just enjoying it? Can't their feelings of pleasure just come from simple things? What makes that so fricken wrong? Thus, I've come to realize that it is okay for one to just enjoy something for the feelings of delight that it brings, but it does make more an impact if you can define what it is that you like. (Accordding to Kant, it is the lack of understanding that brings us the most pleasure when viewing art. Imagination takes over and fills in where ever the understanding lacks.)

I am reluctant in saying this because I know that there are people fighting "wars" for my supposed sake. But this is their choice and I am free to make any opinion. Okay, so if you read this take it with a grain of salt and finish reading it before you judge...actually, if you don't, you honestly aren't worth any of my time.

Even though it is claimed to be "fictional," I have never been so disgraced to be an American. I enjoyed how it chronicled different people's lives who were all intertwined but who obviously had different stakes in Iran and Iranian oil. There were the corrupt Americans (go figure), the lawyer investigating them, an FBI hit man who infiltrated Iranian groups, a young Iranian who lost work and is just trying to help support his parents who goes off to live and learn in an Islamic community, the Iranian princes who are vying for their father's position, and a consultant who is trying to optimize his company's bottom line and loses a son and almost a family in the process.

What really got me, is that even though there are people wanting to change their country for the better are killed by the Americans because they wouldn't help them. For instance (I'm totally going to ruin the movie for someone who hasn't seen it), the oldest Iranian prince who was set to inherit his father's oil wanted to rebuild his country how it used to be. He wanted to bring money back into his country and not let the Americans build bases. Classically, his jealous younger brother wanted more money and didn't want to do what his brother did, and he would allow American corruption to surround his reign. Thus, he was ultimately given the oil, but his brother was going to fight him and still do what he could. The Americans feared his power and lack of "cooperation" and killed him. Just like that. Bam, a satellite controlled bomb is sent out to kill him and his family in FUCKING COLD BLOOD.

Being an American, aren't our foundational values to better yourself through work and struggle? Aren't we to stand up for what we believe in and fight till its death fairly? Aren't we as Americans all created equally regardless of religion, race, economic standing? THEN WHY DO WE HAVE TOP POLITICIANS WHO ARE SO GREEDY THAT THEY NEED TO BE IN FACT TERRORISTS THEMSELVES?!

There is no wonder in my mind why there are people in the world who would love to see us suffer just as much as we have made others suffer. I partially respect them; for they are the ones who have the true American spirit of betterment. They know they are getting fucked and they aren't sitting down about it. They are taking a stand and actually doing something about their mistreatment than sitting back and whining about it. Those in prisons and such really have no say, but anyone that thinks torture or cruel punishment is necessary for us to learn security threats really needs to read 1984.

I guess I really haven't said what I liked about the movie. I liked how it made me feel afterward and even today. That is also what I didn't like about it. It made me have such flood of emotions, I couldn't control it. Even though the story is sad, people do die, that isn't what hit me. I am so disappointed by our greedily tactics I am disgraced to be known as an American. It feels pointless to want to help change American attitudes because there are so many people out there who don't care about where our country is heading, what we do, or why we do it. So, where does one start? This is where I'm at right now. This is what makes me so upset and moved by the movie...yes, a simple movie.

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